Looking Back 60 Years

Today the Associated Press republished an account from one of its reporters who was at the scene of the integration of Little Rock Central High School in 1957. 

AP Was There: Mob protests Little Rock Central desegregation.

I'd love to just quote the whole thing. I hope you'll read it - it's vivid and frightening, frightening that peoples' hatred can get that far out of control. 

The terrifying spectacle of 200-odd individuals, suddenly welded together into a single body, took place in the fraction of a second. It was an explosion, savagery chain-reacting from person to person, fusing them into a white-hot mass.

Human nature is frightening when it takes on this aspect, and this is what is frightening to me and others about what the U.S. President is doing when he stirs up crowds.

It's worth reflecting that after the black students had made their way into the school, the mob turned on the "Yankee reporters."

Then the people — still wearing the savage, snarling mob’s mask — turned on reporters and photographers. It was a gesture of frustration. They had to have an outlet for the wild rage and hysteria that had galvanized them.

After beating up a handful of reporters, the madness was released and they went on about their day to day business.

It was a long time after this before enough people began to reject that kind of behavior, and with it, the cause that was promoting it. No good comes from hate.